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 …how it all started

In March of 2020, when all in-person events were suddenly cancelled due to the pandemic, the event industry was decimated. Most of us saw our annual revenue reduced to zero. It was devastating.

Having been in the event industry for over three decades, I knew the impact that this would have on my colleagues and the industry that I love. For us, relationships and connections are the foundation of our events.

It was in the Fall of 2020 when most of us had experienced way too many Zoom calls that I had the inspiration to design cards to send to my event friends. I knew that many friends were feeling isolated, scared and anxious. I knew this because that’s how I was feeling. I created messages in my cards that I needed to hear. 

I met Jordan Kentris through the event industry and fell in love with his high quality event stationary and cards. His attention to detail, quality products and shared love for the event industry was an immediate attraction. We both saw the opportunity to help the event industry with my Caring Connections Cards so we formed a partnership. 

We have designed the business model to support charities within the event industry. We want to do everything possible to encourage the recovery of all types of events. A percentage of every card purchased will be given to a non-profit event charity.

We are initially developing five lines in our card series, with more designs on the horizon.

Co-vid Caring (12 designs)
Partner Praise (12 designs)
Client Connection (12 designs)
Thanking You (12 designs)
Congratulation Celebration (12 designs)

What matters most is the amazing people who share the same creative drive and unwavering commitment to produce magic for guests attending our events. I want them to look good and spread this caring feeling among their own network.

The event industry has truly been a second family for me; a comforting place to call home. If I can leave this community stronger and more resilient than I found it, then I know that I have done my job. It was all worth it.

Sharon Bonner
Sharon Bonner – Founder & Event Strategist
Bright Ideas Event Agency Ltd.